2019 Spring/Summer Region Update


May 2019
by Dave Huotari, AIA, Strategic Council Representative


AIA NW + PR Appointments

We are very pleased to share with you an update of recent appointments for representative positions in our Region. Our two Region Representatives to Strategic Council are elected to serve a three-year term, which are staggered to ensure continuity. These two Region Representatives are responsible for filling several other representative and director positions. 
Recent appointments include: 


Jason Takeuchi, AIA, of AIA Honolulu, formerly our Region Associate Director (RAD), has been appointed to the position of Young Architects Region Director (YARD). Melissa Morse, AIA, of AIA Alaska, formerly filled this position for the 2017/2018 term.


Nicole Becker, Assoc. AIA, of AIA Southwest Washington, has been appointed to fill our Region Associate Director (RAD) position for 2019. Jason Takeuchi, AIA, filled this position for 2018 until being appointed as our 2019/2020 YARD.


Jack Smith, FAIA, of AIA Idaho and faculty member at Montana State University, has been appointed as our Region Representative to the College of Fellows (COF).


Current Region Representatives include:

Steven Shriver, FAIA, of AIA Seattle, continues to serve as one of the two Region Representative to the College of Fellows position.
Jeff Guggenheim, AIA, of AIA Portland, continues to serve as our Region Representative to the Small Firm Exchange (SFX).


Danielle Hurd is our newly hired Executive Director as of February of this year. It has been a very exciting few months!

This summer we plan to appoint an American Institute of Architects Student (AIAS) Representative. This individual will come from one of the seven schools of architecture in our Region. An announcement regarding this opening was recently sent to the school's administrators and staff.

AIA NW + PR Bylaws

At our Region Business Meeting in New York in June of 2018, we approved an update to our Bylaws. Following that approval, they were sent to AIA National for review and compliance coordination with the Institute’s National Bylaws. We recently received word from Jay Stephens, Hon. AIA, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, that there are a few minor items that do not require immediate attention, but should be addressed next time we consider other revisions to this document.
Rod Ashley and I have reviewed the communication from Jay Stephens and we believe when we conduct our Annual Business meeting at our Leadership Summit in Bozeman, Montana this September, we should address these minor housekeeping items. We will plan to have this on our agenda and proceed as part of our 2019 Annual Business Meeting.
A copy of our Bylaws (noted as approved 6.20.2018) will be posted on our website soon. Currently, the previous version (noted as adopted September 2018 in Bozeman, Montana) is posted, but the document will be updated.

AIA NW + PR Leadership Summit and Annual Business Meeting

We conduct an annual Leadership Summit to provide as a forum for the Annual Business meeting, as well as to bring the elected and appointed component leaders from throughout the Region together, to discuss current issues and planning. This occurs in the fall and typically aligns with a state or chapter conference or symposium. In 2017, this event occurred in Seattle in collaboration with AIA Washington Council, and in 2018, it was held in Honolulu in collaboration with AIA Honolulu.

Generally, the Region Annual Business meeting is a half-day and the Leadership Summit is the remaining half of the day. Any AIA Architect Member or AIA Associate Member of a Component of the Region may attend the Annual Meeting.

We are very pleased to announce that the 2019 Leadership Summit will be held in Bozeman Montana, on Wednesday September 18, 2019. This will be in conjunction with AIA Montana’s Fall Conference, which will occur on September 19th and 20th. This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity to participate in the business occurring within the Region as well as an opportunity for learning units via the Conference.
Design Awards programs are combined to involve both the State or Chapter, and the Region.

AIA NW + PR Honors and Awards Program

Our Region conducts an Annual Honors and Awards program. This important event occurs along with the Region Leadership Summit, which will be held in Bozeman, Montana this upcoming September. The Honors and Awards program recognize the following categories: Design Awards, Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement, Firm Awards, Emerging Firm Awards, and Student Design Awards.
The Call for Entries for the Student Design Awards has been sent out to notify the Schools of Architecture and the students as they complete their school year and projects.
A Call for Entries will be issued soon for the Design Awards, Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement, Firm Awards, and Emerging Firm Awards.

Mark your calendars, stay tuned, and we hope to see you in Bozeman Montana this fall!