so long

When I sat down to write this farewell note, I thought it would be a snap to say so long. I quickly realized it’s not so easy to sum up
38 years with a simple message. That said, I have been blessed to work with more volunteers than I could ever count. People who are so committed to their profession that they spend countless hours advocating for architects and architecture within their communities, across the country, and worldwide. It is this passion that has kept me energized and inspired throughout my career with AIA. So my simple message is this – PARTICIPATE! Your participation in this professional organization of members is crucial to its future. I believe that AIA’s members absolutely are and should always be the voice of the profession. No time? Then say thank you to those who are committed to making it better for all. They’d love to know that the work they do on your behalf matters.

And, with that, dear friends, I send my own hearty thank you! It has been an honor.


If you would like to stay in touch, and let me wax poetic on my retirement antics, you can contact me at