young ARCHITECTS forum

Spring/Summer 2018

by Melissa Morse, AIA

YAF has had a busy year following the Practice Innovation Lab of social media promotion of Emerging Professionals doing great things, Connection quarterly content generation, creating classes for A'18 in NYC, and planning for the future of practice. I have been working with the Advocacy group educating Emerging Professionals about the ArchiPAC and what the benefit is as a young professional. ArchiPAC is the AIA's national lobbying organization, it is member funded and represents the best interest of the members. ArchiPAC is a leader in pushing the National Design Services Act Agenda (NDSA). This is the path for student debt forgiveness for recent graduates to work in non profits providing design to undeserved communities. If you are going to donate to ArchiPAC @ ,  please include the team EPWolfPAC at the bottom of the form so Emerging Professionals get credit in the race!  Additionally, I am serving on the planning board for Leadership Institute which will take place this Novemeber simultaneously at regional locations. We are currently selecting speakers and a theme for the event. It is a 1 day event that focuses on leadership and can be virtually attended for those of us who are not close to a hub (ie Alaska!)

At the regional meeting at Grassroots we had a great display of Young Architects (us licensed less than 10 years.) It was great to see you all taking part in learning to be better leaders and better Citizen Architects. As always, please reach out if you have any ideas you would like to share or if you are in need of inspiration.

Finally, at the end of this year my term is up! Applications will be accepted later this year but if you are considering applying please feel free to reach out and discuss responsibilities of the role and places that we can still grow.